PMS is a medical ERP system, and supports a collaboration and data management tool for small to medium sized medical businesses. May it be a physician’s practice or a hospital, PMS hospital management software can be adapted to suit any need. We understand that off-the-shelf software are seldom inept for needs of medical businesses since there might be many custom features needed, suited to individual medical practices, so we made PMS1X with a total open architecture, enabling complete customization.


PMS hospital management system works intranet application. Patient Data and records are encrypted and secured. PMS has modules with user-level access system enabled which allows for added level of security Rights. The software is a reliable and robust online hospital management system.


Here are some of the key features of PMS:

  • Patient Management
  • Ward Management
  • Pharmacy Management, Radiology Management
  • Integration with Insurance companies
  • Laboratory Management


As with all our products, we provide full customization services at very affordable price, you name it, we add it for you. With a standard support warranty of 30 days post launch, we cover any and all issues with existing functionality, but most of our customers do not have to use this warranty as we give you a thoroughly tested and implemented hospital management product, which easily configures with windows and Linux environments.